Sign the Petition for a Better Managed Austin


Why Austin Needs New City Management

WHEREAS, Austinites love our city and want it to become the great city it can be;

WHEREAS, Austin has major challenges that need to be addressed effectively, including affordability, housing, traffic, planning, gentrification, poverty, economic inequality, the environment, and government transparency.

WHEREAS, Austinites want and deserve a well-managed, innovative, efficient, and accountable city management to tackle these challenges;

WHEREAS, Austinites have a long list of objections to the manner is which our city has been run for too many years, including our city’s management having:

  • poorly managed Austin’s growth and development,
  • failed to address Austin’s affordable housing crisis,
  • ignored gentrification and the displacement of less affluent residents,
  • neglected economic development in East Austin,
  • failed to improve traffic congestion and safety,
  • failed to address gender and economic inequality,
  • failed to follow City Council policy directives,
  • failed to enforce city laws, such as apartment safety, occupancy, short-term rentals, and lobbyist reporting,
  • failed to provide innovative, efficient management of Austin Energy, as reflected in increased rates, bloated budgets, and a disregard of public input,
  • poorly managed the public’s money with misplaced budget priorities and excessive public giveaways and subsidies,
  • refused to implement meaningful impact fees to make growth pay for itself,
  • failed to prevent cost overruns on city consultant contracts and projects,
  • failed to properly inform the City Council on important public matters, such as a $50 million subsidy of the Pilot Knob development, the proposed Decker Golf Course project, and the availability of Bull Creek state property, and
  • poor transparency and accountability, including apparently violating Open Meetings and Public Information Act laws

WHEREAS, the City Council is scheduled to evaluate the current city management in February, 2016; and

WHEREAS, the City Council should diligently evaluate city management based on specific performance metrics, a 360-degree assessment that includes subordinate city employees’ perspectives, and citizen input at public hearings.

BE IT RESOLVED, that we the undersigned Austin residents support replacing the current city management and request that the Mayor and City Council take such action now.