Who We Are

Last year, a diverse group of citizens began informally meeting and discussing the City’s current management. We discovered that although we represented a wide range of interests, which often disagreed on City policy, that we all were dissatisfied with current City management. Participants included affordable housing advocates, developers, neighborhood association officers, multi-modal transportation activists, proponents of economic equity and development in East Austin, 10-1 supporters, environmentalists, ethics and transparency reformers, fiscal conservatives, supporters of growth paying for itself, opponents of gentrification, and small business people.

We believe our negative assessment of Austin’s city management was confirmed by the 2015 Zucker Report. This comprehensive evaluation by a leading national consultant found that Austin’s planning and permitting processes were the worst managed in the country.

Fred Lewis brought Austinites together to launch Manage ATX Better’s web site and social media campaigns. Fred is a local attorney, Austin resident of 38 years, the main drafter of Austin’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, and many other community projects.